To Woburn Safari To See The Tiger Cubs

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Woburn Safari have some very exciting news for families this half term.  If you are looking for a place to visit this holiday, I promise you will not be disappointed if you pop along and see the latest additions to the Woburn Safari family.  Two Amur Tiger cubs, that were born in September, have just joined the main tiger enclosure and promise to wow the visiting public with their playful antics.  I warn you in advance, there are some seriously cute pictures in this post.

To Woburn Abbey To See The Tiger Cubs

The two cubs have been exploring the Kingdom Of The Carnivores under the watchful eye of their mother, 4 year old Minerva for the first time since leaving their purpose built tiger enclosure.

tiger cub

They are the first tiger cubs to be born at Woburn Safari in 23 years, so this really is a landmark occasion for the keepers, and the endangered species of Amur tigers.

Tiger with her cub

Also known as Siberian tigers, the last estimates suggested there were only 520 living in the wild.  This stunning creature is under threat from poaching and lose of habitat.


Woburn Safari is near Milton Keynes in Bedfordshire and provides a great day out for families looking for excitement and adventure.

2 tiger cubs

You will be able to drive through the Road Safari and get up close and personal with Minerva and her new family while they play and explore in their new home.

tiger with tiger cub

They are joining an extensive list of wild animals at Woburn Safari, including bison, zebra, giraffes and our good old friends the monkeys, but I think the Amur cubs will be stealing the show somehow.

tiger with her cubs

Woburn Safari are also asking the public to choose a name for one of the cubs.  There are 6 to choose from, so which would you pick? Amura, Annuska, Kasha, Kler, Liliya or Mishka?  I think Amura would be quite fitting on this occasion. 


Woburn Safari will be open from 11th February 2016.  Family Ticket prices start at £48.99 when purchased online.

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