28 Things To Do With Kids On The Beach

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Kids love the beach don’t they?  Sand and sea are just so much fun and there’s lots of things families can do together to make the most of this amazing play space.  My daughters love exploring sand.  It’s the best thing to be 4 years old and have the biggest sand pit at your finger tips.

28 Things To Do With Kids On The BEach

We’ve had a lot of fun finding out what can keep kids busy on holiday and here’s the ultimate guide to activities you can do on the beach with the kids, so no one has an excuse to get bored.

We’re heading off to Costa Dorada in a few weeks with the girls and I can’t wait to see what fun they get up to together.  It’s been a while since my 2 year old was on the beach so I know working through this list is going to be super exciting for her.

  1. Dig trenches in the sand for the water to flow to the sea. Great when there are pockets of water or rivers running down the beach.
  2. Build Sand Sculptures
  3. Game of Frisbee playing frisbee
  4. Volley Ball
  5. Badminton
  6. Catchchild playing ball
  7. Build regular sandcastles
  8. Football
  9. Rounders
  10. Cricket
  11. Flying kites
  12. Burying Dad or another family member in the sand making sandcastles
  13. Swingball
  14. Collecting shells and other beach treasure like drift wood
  15. Crabbing
  16. Climbing rocks
  17. Skimming stones
  18. Rockpooling
  19. Fishing child fishing in sea
  20. Digging holes
  21. Building dams across inlets
  22. Jumping the waves
  23. Running away from the tide
  24. Paddling
  25. Make sand angels making sand angels
  26. Draw pictures in the sand
  27. Make sand pies
  28. Play chase

What are your favourite things to do with kids on the beach?  Are you the one always getting buried in the sand or are you a master sandcastle builder?

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