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I love travelling by train, whether it’s by myself or with the children.  I have to say I do quite enjoy my own company and the me time I get from travelling on a train, but I always have a great time when I’m joined by the kids too.

My daughter often joins me when we are invited to an event together, and I love the quality time we share together on the train.  We read stories, do puzzles and lots and lots of colouring in and stickers.

When she is busy with her book or magazine, it also means I can get a few things of my own done, or perhaps some of my own colouring in.  Either way, it’s lovely to arrive at our destination knowing that we made the most of our journey together instead of having her strapped in a carseat in the back, and me struggling to hold a conversation with her because a) I can’t see her and b) I’m busy concentrating on the road.

It all got me thinking about the things I really enjoy about travelling by train and why it’s our first choice when ever we have a trip planned for work or leisure.


Things You Can Do When You Travel By Train 

Catch Up With Family Or Friends 


If I am travelling with my children or a friend, being on a train is a great place to catch up.  We both really enjoy this one to one time, especially as this year she is heading off to school.  When my son and I travelled from Nottingham to Manchester, we spent some time planning what he needs for university.  If I travel with a blogger, we share hints and tips on social media and blog promotion.  I’ve learnt so much from travelling by train with different people.

Learn A New Skill

Taking the train gives you the perfect opportunity to learn something new. If you want to learn a new language for your next holiday or improve your career prospects you’ve just made some time in your day to do it when you’re not to tired and free from distractions.  Imagine the sense of achievement when you step of the train and you conquered how to ask for directions to the supermarket in Mandarin.

I’m always reading about social media strategies or how to improve my blog.  The internet has so many resources and tutorials for whatever it is you need to know.

Practice Taking Better Photographs

I love taking photographs and sharing them on Instagram and my blog, or just for personal use.  I find that train stations make for some really great photographs.  They also look amazing in black and white, and with the tracks in play too, you can create a real sense of perspective.  Sharing pictures of your travels is such fun, and a train station is a great place to start.  I edit the photo on the train, share it on social media, and catch up with everyone’s plans for the day.  A photo is a great way to get people talking.



If I am travelling by train by myself, I often use the time to get some work done.  I think the train is a great space to start putting ideas down for the next blog post or thinking about what I will be talking about in the next vlog for youtube.

Be Creative 

I find I have some of my best ideas on the train.  I love sitting by the window, watching the world go by and seeing what inspiration comes to me.  I always have a notebook to hand, and jot down the ideas that come to me until I hit that light bulb moment.  Being away from the usually daily distractions is a great way to generate amazing ideas.

Start A Bullet Journal 

Bullet journalling is my latest craze.  I’m rubbish with a diary, but this technique seems to really keep me on track.  It’s more forgiving than a diary as you are in control of what goes on each page.  Being on a train is a great place to start your daily lists and catch up on your logs.  It’s really helped me to restore a sense of balance to my life.

Adult Colouring 


Adult colouring is another great way to take some time out and restore some calm to you mind and body.  I bought a book and some pencils a while ago, but have barely opened it at home.  When I’m on the train I stash my book and pencils in my bag, and indulge in a little mindful colouring moment.

Keeping In Touch

When life gets really busy, I find one of the hardest things to do is keep in touch with friends and family.  Our relationships need looking after too, and travelling by train gives you some time to catch up with people.  Touching base with your favourite Aunt is such a lovely thing to do, and always so appreciated by the person on the other end.  If I have news to share, or think it’s about time you caught up for a coffee, you’ve now got the perfect opportunity to reach out to them.

Making A Plans

Making plans are useful for all sorts of things from what you are going to be doing at the weekend, where you are going on holiday or arranging a big event like a part or a wedding. I’ve come up with some of my best plans on the train.  If you are travelling with someone, it’s the perfect time to get them involved in the decision making, especially if they are difficult to pin down.

These are just a few of the things we like to use our train time for.  For more ideas and inspiration pop over to East Midlands Trains and check out this handy infographic to help decide what you could get done on your next trip.  I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.


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